News and Updates from Holmes Veterinary Clinic

  • Rest Well, My Friend

    So this old guy badly in need of a kidney transplant came into my life in the fall of 2007. He had no South Carolina veterinary license, having retired in Colorado. We were friends at first sight. He totally “got&...

  • Ear Infections. What You Didn’t Know Can Hurt Your Pet!

    I constantly see dogs with the presenting complaint, “He was shaking his head so I used some ear mite drops that I bought at [insert retail outlet], and it isn’t any better.” Of course there’s a r...

  • Skin Allergies Got You Itching?

    One of the most common conditions that I am called upon to treat in practice is dermatitis. While some cases of dermatitis can easily be chalked up to fleas or even poor hygiene, many are caused by underlying allergies.&...

  • Beware the Diagnostic Weenie!

    Article by Jacquelyn H. Burns Reprinted from SC Tidbits: My office has been a busy place of late.  Besides going to various elementary schools for career day, we’ve hosted an entire school’s kinder...

  • Thinking of Buying a Purebred Dog?

    Think carefully.  It’s quite a commitment. Choosing a breed If you have narrowed it down to a few breeds, research them and find out what types of health or behavior problems could be anticipated. What type of...


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