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I have used other Vets in the area out of convenience, but I really respect the advise I get from you and I find myself using you more and more. You also board and with that I have always felt you take good care of our pets and love them as much as we do. I hope you never change. Thank you for being there for us.

Tom K

The staff and services at Holmes Veterinary Hospital go above and beyond the call of duty whenever I have to take my babies in. Whether it be routine or emergency visits, I KNOOOOOW my babies are going to receive the best care possible.

Tamika R

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Holmes Veterinarian for 14+yrs and the staff is outstanding. I am pleased with everything they do for our family dog when it comes to vaccinations and boarding for our family trips that don’t allow pets to travel.
Jerry B

Our Great Dane mix loves to go to his vet! He has been boarded there a lot over this past summer. He is always happy to arrive & loves to greet everyone. That shows me that he is well cared for & everyone shows love to him!! Highly recommend!
Jessica B

Can’t think of anything you could have done better – it was great, as always. Missed seeing Dr. Burns, but nice meeting Dr. Culbertson. Now have TWO wonderful trusted vets available to us!
Margaret M

Dr. Culbertson and the entire staff is always so nice and helpful! They take great care of our dogs, no matter what the problem is. Highly, highly recommend them!
Flint E