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The team at Holmes Veterinary Hospital is ready to meet you are your pets.
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Our staff has many years of experience and are skilled professionals in the veterinary industry. Get to know us and say “Hi” next time you visit our hospital!


Dr. Joy Culbertson


Dr. Joy Culbertson is a native of Laurens. She graduated from Clemson University and earned her DVM from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Before joining us at Holmes Veterinary Hospital in February 2018, Dr. Culbertson practiced small animal medicine and surgery for nine years in Greenville, SC.

A former board of directors member for the Animal Emergency Clinic of Greenville, Dr. Culbertson is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians, the Greater Greenville Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, and the Veterinary Information Network. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for the Laurens County Humane Society.

Dr. Culbertson and her husband, Marty Jacks, live in Gray Court with their two children. Dr. Culbertson’s passion is spay-neuter.

Dr. Welling


Bio coming soon


Mandy Godfrey
Mandy G.

Office Manager / Rescue Coordinator

Hey there, I’m Mandy Godfrey, and I wear two hats with pride: Office Manager and Rescue Coordinator at Homes Vet. I’ve been on this incredible journey for five rewarding years, and every day brings new joys and challenges that I’m eager to embrace.

For me, this role isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. I’ve always been passionate about animals, and that’s what led me here. My mission is clear: I go above and beyond to ensure that every patient who walks through our doors feels not just cared for, but comfortable and loved. Those tail wags, the soft purrs, and even the nervous glances—I see them all, and I respond with a blend of professionalism and genuine affection.

Beyond the clinic, my heart belongs to my wonderful son and my two English Bulldogs. Being a devoted mom and pet parent has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and companionship. It’s this understanding that fuels my approach, helping families navigate the complex journey of veterinary care with compassion and support.

Now, when I’m not at the clinic or spending quality time with my loved ones, you’ll find me indulging in my favorite pastimes. I have a soft spot for TV shows and movies—they’re like a window into different worlds, each with its own story to tell. But that’s not all; I’ve got an artistic side too. I absolutely love hosting paint parties and getting crafty with arts and crafts. There’s something magical about bringing a blank canvas to life or creating something beautiful with your own hands.

So, that’s a little sneak peek into my world. At Homes Vet, I’m not just managing schedules and coordinating rescues; I’m weaving stories of care, compassion, and connections. This journey is personal to me, driven by my deep bond with animals and the people who cherish them. I can’t wait to welcome you into our warm and loving veterinary family.

Malarie Osborne
Malarie O.

Office / Inventory Manager

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Malarie Osborne, the Office Inventory Manager at Holmes Veterinary Hospital. With an impressive journey spanning 15 years in the field, I bring both expertise and a heartwarming touch to our exceptional team.

As a proud alumna of Tri-County Tech, my passion for providing top-notch care to our furry companions ignited my veterinary journey. The years of experience I’ve gathered have sculpted me into a true expert, ensuring that our hospital operates seamlessly, from supplies to organization.

My life extends beyond the hospital doors, and each free moment is a treasure to me. Nature beckons me, and I often answer the call by venturing into the wild with my camping gear, rejuvenating my spirit amidst the beauty of the outdoors. Yet, no matter where my adventures take me, my heart always leads me back to my cherished family – my loving husband and my close circle of friends who mean the world to me.

Creativity is woven into the fabric of my life. When I’m not immersed in hospital duties, you’ll likely find me engrossed in crafts, turning my imagination into tangible pieces of art. My mini farm isn’t just a place—it’s a wellspring of inspiration and a haven. Whether engaged in play or leisurely strolls, my animal companions bring me endless comfort and joy.

I’m not just an Office Inventory Manager; I’m a dedicated professional, a lover of nature, a devoted wife, a loyal friend, and a creative soul. My presence at Holmes Veterinary Hospital is a true gift, offering not only efficient operations but also a genuine warmth and care that I extend to everyone who crosses my path.


Haven C.

Veterinary Technician

Hello there! I’m Haven, your friendly Licensed Veterinary Technician at HVH. With a rewarding journey of two years in the field, I’ve had the privilege of honing my skills as a surgical technician. My days are filled with the intricacies of surgery, where I seamlessly manage everything from welcoming our patients to the moment they wake up, groggy and relieved after their procedures.

A true enthusiast for animal well-being, I take immense pride in being there for our furry companions in their times of need. Seeing them recover and wag their tails again brings an unparalleled joy to my heart. It’s my mission to ensure that every pet’s surgical experience is as comfortable and smooth as possible.

When I’m not donning my scrubs and saving the day at HVH, you’ll find me embracing the great outdoors with my two beloved companions, Leila and Doobie. Walking them along scenic trails has a way of rejuvenating both their spirits and mine. Beyond that, I have an insatiable love for live music, which often leads me to concerts that fill the air with pure magic. My heart also craves adventure, and traveling to new places lets me soak in the wonders of the world.

Back at home, you’ll often catch me engaging in hobbies that make life even more delightful. Gardening, with its vibrant blooms and soothing greens, is a labor of love that keeps me grounded. The culinary arts also beckon to me – there’s something incredibly gratifying about creating delicious meals from scratch. Baking is my sweet escape, allowing me to whisk away stress and replace it with the aroma of warmth and comfort.

So, that’s a little peek into who I am – a dedicated veterinary technician, a pet enthusiast, a concert-goer, a traveler, a gardener, and a culinary explorer. If you ever see me around HVH, don’t hesitate to say hello. Let’s share stories and create a bond that mirrors the compassionate care we provide to our furry friends every day.

Vet Assistants

Makayla Childs
Makayla C.

Veterinary Assistant

Hello there! I’m Makayla Childs, and I’m delighted to be a part of the incredible team at Holmes Vet. With 8 years of experience under my belt, I’ve discovered that my true passion lies in making a difference in the lives of both animals and their loving owners.

It’s a heartwarming feeling knowing that I play a role in providing relief and comfort to pet parents during times when their furry companions need it the most. Every wagging tail, every soft purr, they all remind me of the significant impact we can have on the well-being of these cherished members of our families.

My dedication to the well-being of animals extends beyond the hospital walls. My own dogs hold a special place in my heart, and I treat them as nothing short of family. This perspective guides me when I’m caring for other pets – each one is treated with the same level of love and compassion that I reserve for my own four-legged friends.

When I’m not at the hospital, you’ll most likely find me embracing the great outdoors. I’m a firm believer in the healing power of nature, and my small farm is my haven of tranquility. Spending time amongst the rustling leaves, blooming flowers, and open skies rejuvenates me in a way that only Mother Nature can. Oh, and did I mention my love for fishing? There’s something almost magical about casting a line into the water and waiting in anticipation for that gentle tug.

Holmes Vet isn’t just a workplace for me; it’s a place where I can share my passion for animal care with an incredible team and community. Together, we’re not just providing medical attention, but also fostering bonds that make our furry friends’ lives brighter and healthier. I’m thrilled to continue this journey of compassion, learning, and growth, both within the hospital and beyond.

So, whether it’s lending a hand to a pet in need, tending to my own furry companions, or casting a line into the water, I’m living my life dedicated to the well-being of animals, surrounded by the beauty of the world around me.

Looking forward to meeting you and your pets at Holmes Vet!

Debra Bunch
Arelly L.

Veterinary Assistant

With a year of experience under my belt, I’ve learned that every wagging tail and gentle purr holds a unique story. I’m here to ensure their wellbeing and happiness, and I also speak Spanish!

My journey in the world of veterinary care has been defined by a simple yet profound philosophy: love and care are the cornerstones of healing. I pour my heart into every interaction, striving not only to provide top-notch medical support but also to forge a safe and comforting bond with each patient. From the tiniest of kittens to the most regal of canines, I approach them all with the same unwavering dedication.

Creating a warm and welcoming environment is a priority for me. I believe that open communication is key, and I want every client to feel comfortable approaching me with any questions or concerns they may have. Just as I cherish my time with my own feline friend, Coco, I understand the deep bond between pets and their humans, and I’m committed to fostering that bond in every way I can.

Life beyond the clinic is an adventure I wholeheartedly embrace. Whether it’s trying out new activities with my friends and family or embarking on novel experiences, I find joy in making each day a canvas for new memories. Just as I bring enthusiasm to my personal life, I channel that energy into my role at Holmes Vet, ensuring that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the lives of our beloved animals.

So, if you find yourself at Holmes Vet, rest assured that you’re not just meeting a veterinary assistant – you’re meeting someone who’s dedicated to weaving a tapestry of care, love, and trust for the animals we hold dear. I look forward to being a part of your pet’s journey and providing them with the same level of care and affection I would for my dear Coco.

Melody S. Finley
Stacy A.

Veterinary Assistant

Dedicated and compassionate, I’ve proudly served as an Assistant at Holmes Veterinary Hospital for a fulfilling year. Currently pursuing my Vet Tech education at Penn Foster, I’m deeply committed to providing a stress-free experience for both our patients and their devoted owners. When I’m not tending to our furry friends, you’ll find me immersed in the pages of a captivating book, gliding along tranquil waters while kayaking, or lending a hand on the family farm—a place where my heart truly finds its rhythm.

Amanda H.

Veterinary Assistant

With over a year as a Vet Assistant at Holmes Vet, my passion for aiding both animals and their caretakers continues to grow. Embracing the joy of assisting people and their beloved pets, my downtime revolves around my three wonderful girls, cherishing every moment we spend together as a family.

Debra Bunch
Mackenzie R.

Assistant Tech

A year into my journey as an Assistant Tech at Holmes Vet, I’ve discovered a profound connection with animals, especially my loyal companion, General. When I’m not tending to our patients, I’m out in nature, savoring the beauty of camping trips and treasured moments with my family—all while General keeps a watchful eye.

Client Care Representatives

Debbie Culbertson
Debbie C.

Client Care Representative

For over three decades, I’ve been the friendly face and helping hand as a Client Care Representative. My heart finds joy in my cherished role as a grandmother, and I enjoy shopping, music, movies, and reading. 

Melody S. Finley
Melody F.

Client Care Representative

With 27 years dedicated to being a Client Care Representative, I find fulfillment in ensuring our clients’ needs are met seamlessly. An alumna of Piedmont Technical College, my passion extends to the great outdoors through camping, cultivating vibrant gardens, and crafting delectable meals that bring loved ones together.

Melody S. Finley
Alison K.

Client Care Representative

A proud member of Holmes Vet family for almost two years as a Client Care Representative w/ 4 years of previous experience at another hospital. Beyond my professional life, family ties hold a special place in my heart, and you’ll often find me harmonizing with loved ones, immersed in the preservation of history and heritage.

Kennel Manager

Debra Bunch
Debra S.

Kennel Manager

Over the course of 13 years as the Kennel Manager, I’ve taken pride in ensuring each pet under my care receives the attention they deserve. Off-duty, my canine pals and I embark on spirited play sessions, while my heart swells in the presence of my daughter and grandson, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Melody S. Finley
Michaela M.


I have been a professional groomer for 5 years, but I am new here at Holmes Veterinary Hospital. I take pride in my grooms and how they look as well as how they feel. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my two kids and our pups.