Pet Diagnostic Care

We know when your pet is sick, it is important to get answers quickly.
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Pet Diagnostic Care Laurens, SC

To provide the best care, we have a full-service in-house laboratory and a reference laboratory by Idexx.

Pet Diagnostic Care

We can have most lab results for your pet during your appointment within 20 to 30 minutes.

For routine wellness screening or more specialized testing, we generally have results in 1-2 business days.

Holmes Veterinary Hospital also have in-house digital radiology (x-rays) and can consult quickly with area Veterinary Specialists quickly via email if needed.

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Sometimes, getting your pet to our office is difficult. Or, at the end of a pet’s life, it can be most peaceful to “go” at home. We provide house calls by appointment for routine or end-of-life care.


Dr. Culbertson is an experienced soft tissue surgeon and can provide a variety of solutions for your pet’s need including:

  • Spay/ Neuter
  • Gastropexy (stomach tacking for large breed dogs at risk for GDV)
  • Tumor or mass removals
  • Enucleation
  • Dental Surgery
  • Eyelid tacking or Entropion surgery
  • Bladder surgery
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Cesarean Section
  • Amputation

For more specialized surgery, we have access to mobile-boarded surgeons and Upstate Vet in Greenville.

If you need assistance with spay/neuter surgery, please contact:


Speak For Animals
P.O. Box 24185
Greenville, SC 29616

Phone: (864) 421-0022