Pet Preventative and Wellness Care

Preventative care is the foundation of your pet’s long, healthy life.
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Pet Preventative and Wellness Care Laurens, SC

Our vets and staff are trained and ready to care for your pet from that first puppy or kitten visit to end-of-life care.

Pet Preventative and Wellness

We believe in personalized health plans for your pet, including vaccination schedules, wellness testing, and annual checkups. We believe in the following for the health of your pet:

Annual Physical Exam – An annual physical exam is so important for the life of your pet. Frequent examination by a veterinarian will allow us to detect problems or diseases early and provide the care needed. This is also your time to discuss with the vet any concerns or problems that you may be experiencing with your pet. Please know that an annual exam is also required to receive any prescription medications.

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Vaccinations – We tailor vaccine schedules to your pet’s lifestyle and individual needs. This often means a 3-year vaccine schedule is available in most cases.

Annual Heartworm testing for dogs – We follow the guidelines established by the American Heartworm Society.

Microchipping – We use AKC Reunite microchips for permanent identification of your furry friend.

Year Round Heartworm and Parasite control – Parasites are gross and they can be deadly. Preventing parasites is key to having your pet live his or her best life. We have many options for parasite control – including access to a full online pharmacy. Please discuss with your veterinarian or vet assistant to determine the best parasite prevention plan for your pet.

Spay and NeuterOur team of knowledgeable veterinarians and trained technicians handle spay and neuter procedures with accuracy and consideration for the patient. We are here to accompany you through every stage of the procedure because we understand that choosing to spay or neuter your pet can be a difficult decision.

Dental Health – A healthy mouth benefits your pets’ general quality of life in addition to their physical health. It certainly warms our hearts when they can eat, play, and interact with one another pain-free. We are passionate about oral health because we love to see pets leave our clinic with wagging tails and beaming smiles.