Pet Grooming

Holmes Veterinary Hospital offers grooming for dogs. Please see below for more info and our Facebook page here.

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Pet Grooming Laurens, SC

Our groomer is here Monday, Tuesday and Friday by appointment only. Guests are admitted between the hours of 7:30 am and 9 am.

Grooming Prices

(All Baths & Haircuts include a finishing spritz along with Bandana or Bows)

Full-Service Grooming: See pricing Below

Includes luxury bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning & Haircut that includes trimming of the face, feet, paw pads & sanitary area’s

Mini Groom: 15% discount 

A quick freshen up for in between grooms. This service includes a luxury bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, trimming of the face, feet & sanitary areas. (This groom is only available for dogs that are on a set grooming schedule or coat is in good condition)

Bath and BasicsSee pricing below

Includes soothing bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning & nail trim

Puppy Bath & Trim: $45

Includes same services as the puppy bath accept it also includes face trim, sanitary trim & paw pads. This service is to do the same training techniques as the puppy bath, along with introducing haircut tools to teach long haired puppies the process of getting haircuts when they are older. The set price for this service is $45 depending on coat condition and only available for ages 6 months and under

Nervous Nelly

Some dogs may wiggle, go stiff, refuse to stand or even bite due to being unaccustomed to grooming.  Please let your groomer know if you suspect your pet will need extra time.  Your groomer is trained to handle these situations, however if a dog is unmanageable, the safety of your dog & groomer comes first!  We reserve the right to decline your pet for service if safety becomes a concern.

Restart Groom: Pricing Variable 

This is to completely shave down your dog due to severe matting. Pricing & details of this service will be discussed at the time of the visit because the groomer needs to assess the type of coat, length of the coat & coat condition to give a set price. This service also includes a soothing bath after shaving down along with a nail trim.

Prescription baths: Pricing variable per veterinary recommendation

These baths are prescribed by our vet usually when you have a visit for skin issues for your dog to get their skin issues under control so that they will be able to get back on track with regular grooms.

All grooming prices are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances in which the groomer will discuss with the pet owner.

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A la Carte Services

Deshedding Bath & Brush:  20
Pawdicure Add-on (Nail dremel):  15
Pawdicure Only (Nail dremel):  25
Pawdicure Plus (Nail dremel, paw pad trim grinch feet trim up):  35
Anal glands:  7
Blueberry facial:  7
Deep condition: 7
Stain lifting treatment:  7
Nail Trim:  15
Ear Cleaning/ Hair Removal:  15
Face trim:  10
Sanitary:  20

Bath and Basics Pricing

Extra Small (Under 20 pounds):      35
Small/Medium (21- 60 pounds):      45
Medium/Large (61 to 80 pounds):   55
Large/ XL (81 to 100 pounds):        65
XX Large (Over 100 pounds):         75

Full-Service Grooming

*All standard Poodle mixes/Poodles start at $90-$100 depending on weight & coat condition*

Extra Small (Under 20 pounds):     60
Small/Medium (21 to 60 pounds):    70
Medium/Large (61 to 80 pounds):    80
Large/XL (81 to 100 pounds):          90
XXL (Over 100lb):                           100